Refund Policy

The Fee that you pay to QBNOX SYSTEMS will be retained by QBNOX SYSTEMS and we will earn the fees upon allowing access to our software services in the cloud. The fee we earn for delivery of services may vary from service to service depending on the subscription plan and other custom requirements not covered under the standard subscription plan. 

QBNOX SYSTEMS reserves the right to decide the earned fee for a specific subscription plan and the parameters for charging the fee may vary from time to time. The earned fee will not be refunded as QBNOX SYSTEMS have to spend on man-hours, cloud resources, and efforts to process the services. Also, the fee paid to the government authorities such as taxes and expenses to third-party service providers will not be eligible for a refund.

Limited Liability

 Under any circumstances, the maximum liability of QBNOX SYSTEMS shall be limited to the fee we collected for the services and we will not liable for any loss or damages that may be incurred or as may be claimed by the customer due to delay in process (technical or otherwise) or rejection of application by the regulatory authorities.

 Procedure for Requesting Refund

 In case you want to cancel the subscription or request a refund of fee, contact your relationship manager or send an email to with a reason for refund of fee. In case of refund request submitted after 48 hours of placing the subscription, the fee paid by the customer, after adjusting the Earned Fee, Costs and expenses incurred by QBNOX SYSTEMS and Cancellation Fee, if any,  they will be credited to the customer account for settlement against alternate services or for availing services within a specified time. Date of first payment for a subscription will be treated as the ‘Date of placing the subscription’.

Cancellation of subscription or Refund request must be placed within 60 days of placing the subscription. No refund of fee will be processed (cash or credit) on requests placed after 60 days of placing the subscription. 

Credit Balance in your customer account can only be used for availing any services from QBNOX SYSTEMS with in 365 days of credit of amount and the unutilized balance in customer accounts will be retained by QBNOX SYSTEMS and will not be available for adjustment or refund.

External Factors Beyond our Control

QBNOX SYSTEMS cannot guarantee the results or outcome of integration with external service providers of email, video conferencing and messaging platforms. Also, the timelines indicated to you for specific services are based on the average lead time of service delivery based on the past experience of QBNOX SYSTEMS.

 The process may take unexpected long time due to technical issues or due to technical update of the process or due to policy / process changes of third party platforms which is beyond the control of QBNOX SYSTEMS. So, the QBNOX SYSTEMS do not guarantee the delivery services within the indicated timelines. Delay in processing the service delivery or rejection of the application process by the regulatory authority cannot be a reason for refund.

Cancellation Fee

We will be incurring cost and man hours, technology resources and technical and professional expertise of professionals and technical resources throughout the process such as client briefing, training personals from clients company, use of technology resources, documentation and guidance,  processing and coordination with external service providers, etc. So, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for every refund request as we are required to incur time and cost from the stage of customer enquiry through the service delivery process. A cancellation fee of 25% of the subscription value subject to a minimum of Rs.1000/- will be charged for every refund request.

 Calculation of Amount of Refund 

a.     Cash Refund – Refund request submitted with in 48 hours of placing the subscription

Eligible amount of Refund  = subscription Value (Excluding GST) – (Cancellation Fee + QBNOX SYSTEMS Earned Fee + Government Fee / External Fee Paid).

b.     Credit Refund – Refund request submitted after 48 hours of placing the subscription:

Eligible amount of Refund  = subscription Value (Excluding GST) – (QBNOX SYSTEMS Earned Fee + Government Fee / External Fee Paid).


 Any disputes or claims and refund of fee arising in connection with services engagements with QBNOX SYSTEMS shall be governed in accordance with the law of India and courts in Bangalore shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle the matters.

 For any clarification, please contact your relationship manager or mail to